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Tunnel of Thoughts: On Being a Player

Last week, something very special happened. I got to play as a PC in a one-shot based in a campaign world I started. I was playing with my old group, with two of the players taking turns to GM based on how busy they are. It was an enlightening experience. It was also a lot…

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Writing is Expensive: Planning Content

It’s been just about six months since Dwarves in a Trenchcoat became a thing. It’s has been a wild ride, and one we’ve enjoyed.. We’ve managed to release a good few products, and we’ve got a whole slew of releases in the pipeline. There have been some good positive reviews we were happy with. We’ve…

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Tunnel of Thoughts: The Dark Side of the Screen

Most people who play RPGs will be familiar with the GM’s screen. It has a multitude of purposes, and there are official solutions for most RPG systems as well as lots of DIY and 3rd party options. You can buy screens made of exotic woods, with built in dice towers and who knows what else.…


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