Have you ever spent as long preparing a session as it took to play?
Have you ever needed to improvise something and come up blank?
Have you ever felt short of ideas and need something to help your creativity flow?

We certainly have, and that is why we started Dwarves in a Trenchcoat.

GM/Life Balance

Being a GM is hard, and demanding. It’s also incredibly rewarding and fun. Because of this, Dwarves in a Trenchcoat are about making GMing easier and less demanding, but even more rewarding and fun. We aim to do that by providing¬†DMs and GMs in fantasy RPG worlds with resources to make their lives easier and their worlds richer.


We focus on filling our in-game worlds with diverse, realistic and interesting items, locations, NPCs and more. This is to great a greater level of immersion by fleshing out its many corners in believable ways. Giving players and their PCs more detailed worlds to interact with that contain relatable themes helps game worlds become real places in the minds of everyone at the table.

Idea Seeds

We believe in providing ideas that are ready to drop into games at a moments’ notice, but can also be expanded on to become part of a larger whole. What we create may become and essential part of your prep and planning, or might become your go-to in a pinch when you’re improvising. Maybe we’ll do a bit of both.

Setting Agnostic

More than ever before, there are a vast range of RPG settings out there. These are both available to buy and crafted with passion by the GM. All our products are designed to be dropped into almost any campaign world.

A Sense of Humour

Roleplaying games are supposed to be fun. While serious roleplaying and high levels of verisimilitude are key to the hobby, so are silliness and laughter. We want our products to have an edge of that, and we want people using our products to remember to have fun with them.

Product Improvement

We aim to set ourselves apart by improving and developing our existing products based on feedback and suggestions from our customers and fellow GMs. And doing so for free. Every copy of something we sell creates resources that will be reinvested back into improving that product by adding more content, or creating new art.

For that reason, we don’t initially make products available for print. In time, if we feel a product has reached full maturity and we are unlikely to add more to it, we’ll make it available for print. You can always print a PDF yourself.


Part of what makes RPGs such a special hobby is the sense of community and comradery that surrounds it. One of our key ambitions is to pay the people we work with well. The goal of this is to make this a sustainable profession for us, as well as other writers and artists.

We like talking shop. We like sharing ideas. We like hearing about your games and your experiences. We do this because we love it. Therefore we’d love to talk to you. Come join us on Twitter, it’s like a digital tavern. We also have a Facebook page you can follow if you want to keep up with us, and we do good old-fashioned email too.