The Transparent Dwarf: A community-focused Business Model

It has taken a little bit of time, but things are getting a bit more in order. As in we have a website, a logo-in-progress, multiple products for sale and some money made, it is time to blog a little bit about business models, or specifically, our business model.

We’re not a commercial business with an office and departments, and we honestly hope we never will be. We’re one person and a few contributors doing something we love, around a hobby we love, and most importantly, as part of a community we love.

Therefore our finances are currently broken down like this:

40% – Product development and improvement
This means paying for artists, hiring contributors, paying someone to proofread, paying for software and anything else that makes the products we provide better and more numerous. This pays off for you because we update our existing

40% – Community investment
This does, to the mind of sceptic mean we get free RPG stuff, and it does mean that. This 40% is spent on RPG products, it is money that goes back into the pockets of other creators.  We believe this is important, and that by pledging to keep a lot of the money we make inside the economy of the hobby we help grow and advance it.

20% – Actual money for us
It would be wonderful to not take this 20%, it really would. However, we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed. This time helps justify writing, and in the future may well justify dedicating more time to

We really believe in being transparent, and so we will gladly take questions on any of this, just come find us on Twitter, or comment on this post. We also love talking RPGs in general, don’t be afraid.


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