Bags of Flavour: Books

Bags of Flavour is a series intended to inject more detailed descriptions, variety and above all, flavour into your RPG worlds. Whether you’re stuck for an idea, or need a whole crop of ideas to flesh out a setting, Bags of Flavour is here. Bags of Flavour supplements are system-agnostic, but work most easily in a fantasy setting.

In this particular bag, we’ll be focusing on books and all other types of written records from primitive carvings through to ornate and mysterious tomes. Along the way we’ll touch on some more unusual forms as well, and try to inject lots of fun ideas that might even lead to whole new adventures.

You’ll get well over 100 ideas for books, ready to use in your campaigns, along with a table of adventure hooks to help

What people have said about the Bags of Flavour series.

“I found them really inspiring”

“I could definitely use something like that in my 13th Age games”

“A nice flavoursome description… A lot I have not thought of before and it will be used for up and coming adventures.”

“Very nice product. It will come in useful in my upcoming campaign”

“The product was simple, direct and easy to use.”