Putting Dwarves in a Trenchcoat

It is hopefully obvious from the name Dwarves in a Trenchcoat that we enjoy how funny, and downright silly RPGs can get at times. The stories RPGs tell are often serious, but there are many silly moments at the table when players split their sides laughing. This free supplement is supposed to be a nod to that silliness, while still retaining ideas that will appear in your game.

There are three main components to this supplement, First up are some simple considerations for putting dwarves in a trenchcoat, totem-trench style. Second we have some trope-rich stealth items, and finally, we have an alternative narrative-based stealth system to try out in your game. Going very in-depth has been avoided in order to allow GMs to use them more freely with a little bit of thought and in a larger number of systems.

This product is was developed to work with a D20-based RPG systems, but should work in almost any RPG. It works well with both gridded combat systems as well as theatre of the mind.